Lcd window, Battery, Basic operation – Naxa NM-105 User Manual

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LCD Window


The player is uses 1 x AAA battery (Not Included)

Basic Operation

Entering Menu System

• Pressing Mode button may enter the menu system, including main menu (long press of mode key at Stop

mode), submenu at Play mode (press to enter) and submenu at stop mode (press to enter).

Entering Different Modes

• You may enter different modes from the main menu.

Main menu: ( press Mode button) Music mode:

Record mode: Voice mode:

FM Radio Mode: System Setting :

USB Mode when connecting to PC


You may press Play button to fast exit from any menu or option interfaces.

Adjust volume

Decrease volume by hold on VOL- and increase volume by hold on VOL+.


Turn ON/OFF by pressing Mode key for a long time.