Wiha Tools PocketStar User Manual

Wiha pocketstar, Press one button for the correct key

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Wiha PocketStar.

Press one button for the correct key.

The unique opening mechanism
facilitates an easy selection of
the desired key size.

Wiha PocketStar.

Innovative opening mechanism
for simple selection of
the desired key size

Particulary suitable for use
as screwdriver when the blade
axis is set at 180° or as practical
lever with blade in 270° position

Ergonomic, glass-fibre-rein-
forced holder guarantees
the easy transfer of even
the highest torques

Can be rotated by any angle
between 270° and 90°
to save time when working
on applications where space
is tight

270° stop limit for higher safety
puts an end to trapped fingers

Colour-coding system for
different drives and dimensional
systems delivers great clarity
when using several PocketStars

Covered hex key axes prevents
catching on clothes

All it takes is three swift actions and
you have an effective screwdriver:
Pull it out of the pouch, press on the
button and set the desired blade to 180° as
well as 270°.

The 270° stop limit when working on
applications with higher safety require-
ments puts an end to trapped fingers.

The various working positions offer
universal use:
• In the 180° position, the PocketStar

is used as a screwdriver.

• 270° stop limit for using the tool

as practical lever for high torques.

• Any position can be set between

90° and 270° for a variety of
different work applications.

The Wiha PocketStar fold out offers
optimum handling and a wide variety
of uses, which are expressed in
the form of many practical details.

The ingenious opening mechanism
facilitates the simple selection
of the required key size from
the glass-fibre-reinforced holder.

Wiha solved an important demand
of fold-out users: When turning
a key into working position only this
one moves. The remaining keys stay
where they are.