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The thumb pad easily operates onscreen menus with either the Left
or Right hand. When you are operating a device with any kind of
on-screen menu, guide or display, the thumb pad offers you easy
one-handed control with your thumb.

To SELECT or say OK, simply press your thumb straight down.
You’ll feel the click as the OK/SELECT/ENTER command is sent.

Using FAV - Favorites

The favorites menu is created uniquely for you by your custom
installer. The screen labeled buttons now issue timed sequences of
commands that will reset your system with one touch. Typically, the
favorites menu is programmed with one touch ‘shortcut’ buttons
that issue all of the necessary commands to change the channel of
your satellite dish or television. Thus, instead of entering a two or
three digit number (which you must remember) and the enter
command, you simply select the favorite button labeled
HBO, CNN, TNT etc.

The Favorite menu can be programmed with any favorite activity.
It is not limited to channel favorites. Your custom installer may
invent a feature unique to your system. Discuss any non-channel
favorite label with your installer, so that you understand
how to use it.



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