Using the main menu, Select a new activity – NXG Technology NX-RM820 User Manual

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Using the MAIN Menu

The MAIN Menu enables you to either select a new Activity
or simply select a new Device to control.

When you select a new activity, the remote control will issue a
MACRO (a timed sequence of many commands from many different
remote controls). This MACRO was custom programmed for your
system by your installer. It will issue all of the commands
necessary to switch the sound and picture of your system.

When you select a device, the remote control becomes the remote
control you select WITHOUT affecting the home theater.

Select a New ACTIVITY

1. Touch the MAIN Button to make sure that you are on the MAIN Menu.

Touch the PAGE button if you don't see the activity you want.

2. Touch the activity button next to the desired screen label.

For example if you wish to watch a DVD movie, touch the
DVD button.



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