No more pointing – NXG Technology NX-RM820 User Manual

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No More Pointing!

The combination of the NX-RM820 with it’s companion NX-RF200
base station will enable you to place your audio/video components
out of sight behind closed doors and/or in another room of your
house. The NX-RM820 sends radio signals to the NX-RF200
through walls and closed doors (50 – 100' away, indoors or
outdoors). The NX-RF200 converts your commands to the
infrared signals that control your A/V components.

1. The NX-RM820 remote

control sends radio waves
in every direction, so you
don’t have to point the
remote anymore!

2. Self-adhesive ‘Flashers’ affixed to the front

panels of components relay commands to
components out of ‘line-of-sight’ with the

3. The built-in Front Blaster sends commands to components in the

same cabinet space as the NX-RF200.




The NX-RF200

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