Gorman-Rupp Pumps SM4G1-X30 460/3 1002211 thru 1241783 User Manual

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Figure B-3. Pump Power Cable Connection Diagram (All Models)

Power Cable Connection Instructions

1. Run the pump cable through the packing

gland nuts and washers (the concave side of
the washer should be towards the packing) at
the bottom of the control.

2. Connect the white, black and red power leads

to the terminals T1", T2", and T3", respec-

3. Connect the green ground lead to the termi-

nal GRD".

4. Connect the yellow ground check lead to the

terminal GC".

5. Connect the blue control lead to the terminal


6. Connect the orange control lead to the termi-

nal P2".

7. Install the packing in the gland with the wash-

ers on each side, and tighten the packing
gland nut. With the nuts tight and the packing

fully compressed, there must be a minimum
space of 1/8 inch between the bottom of the
nut and the enclosure.

9. Use the seal wire (P/N 31311-004) and lead

seal (P/N 21188-002) to secure the packing
gland nut to the enclosure. Use the hole in the
hex nut and the hole at the top left of the enclo-
sure to prevent loosening of the nut. See Ter-
minal Housing And Power Cable Reass-
embly And Installation in Section E for de-

Control Box Specifications

Overload relays are provided to protect the pump

If burnout of the overload protection oc-
curs, the complete overload protection
must be replaced.