Introduction – Gorman-Rupp Pumps SM4G1-X30 460/3 1002211 thru 1241783 User Manual

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Read this manual carefully to learn how to safely
install and operate your control box. Failure to do
so could result in personal injury or damage to the
control box or the pump.

This manual does not include maintenance in-
structions. Have a qualified electrician perform all
maintenance. Be sure to follow all safety precau-
tions as outlined by the MSHA schedule 2G regula-

The control box is a NEMA Type 10, MSHA certified
enclosure. The enclosure is not designed to be
watertight, and should not be submerged. It is
designed for use with 460 and 575 volts, depend-
ing on your pump. The integral electric motor of the
submersible mine pump must be operated
through the control box. The control box is explo-
sion-proof when properly sealed and may be oper-
ated in a hazardous atmosphere.

Because pump installations are seldom identical,
this manual cannot possibly provide detailed in-
structions and precautions for every aspect of
each specific application. Therefore, it is the re-
sponsibility of the owner/installer of the pump to
ensure that applications not addressed in this
manual are performed only after establishing that
neither operator safety nor pump integrity are com-
promised by the installation. Pumps and related
equipment must be installed and operated ac-
cording to all national, local and industry stan-

If there are any questions regarding the control box
which are not covered in this manual or in other lit-
erature accompanying the unit, please contact
your Gorman-Rupp distributor or the Gorman-
Rupp Company:

The Gorman-Rupp Company

P.O. Box 1217

Mansfield, Ohio 44901−1217


Gorman-Rupp of Canada Limited

70 Burwell Road

St. Thomas, Ontario N5P 3R7


Please record the control box number, voltage,
and phase in the spaces provided below. Your Gor-
man-Rupp distributor needs this information when
you require parts or service.

Control Box:




The warranty provided with your control box is part
of Gorman-Rupp’s support program for customers
who operate and maintain their equipment as de-
scribed in this and the other accompanying litera-
ture. Please note that should the equipment be
abused or modified to change its performance be-
yond the original factory specifications and MSHA,
the warranty will become void and any claim will be

The following are used to alert personnel to proce-
dures which require special attention, to those
which could damage equipment, and to those
which could be dangerous to personnel:

Immediate hazards which WILL result in
severe personal injury or death. These
instructions describe the procedure re-
quired and the injury which will result
from failure to follow the procedure.

Hazards or unsafe practices which
COULD result in severe personal injury
or death. These instructions describe
the procedure required and the injury
which could result from failure to follow
the procedure.