Operation - section c – Gorman-Rupp Pumps SM4G1-X30 460/3 1002211 thru 1241783 User Manual

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Review all SAFETY information in Section A.

Follow the instructions on all tags, labels and
decals attached to the control box.

The electrical power used to operate
this control box is high enough to cause
injury or death. Make certain that the tie
handle in the control box is in the OFF
position and locked out, or that the pow-
er supply to the control box has been
otherwise cut off and locked out, before
attempting to open or service the con-
trol box. Tag electrical circuits to pre-
vent accidental start-up.

Obtain the services of a qualified elec-
trician to make all electrical connec-
tions, and to troubleshoot, test and/or
service the electrical components of the
control box.


Do not open the control box in an explo-
sive atmosphere. When sealed, the con-
trol box is explosion proof, to prevent
the ignition of combustible gases.
Opening the box in an explosive atmo-
sphere could result in fire or explosion.

The control box is provided to facilitate operation of
the pump. It contains controls for starting and stop-
ping the pump, and provides overload protection
for the pump motor.

The control box provides overload pro-
tection and power control. Do not con-
nect the pump motor directly to the in-
coming power lines.

Since operation of the pump motor is de-
pendent upon the quality and performance
of the electrical controls, the pump warran-
ty is valid only when controls have been
specified or provided by The Gorman-
Rupp Company.

Component Function

The control box contains the following hand-oper-
ated switches and controls:

D The control handle operates the control

box circuit breakers. In the OFF position, the
tie handle opens the circuit breakers to inter-
rupt incoming power through the control
box and prevent pump operation. In the ON
position, it closes the circuit breakers to per-
mit pump operation. The circuit breakers will
open or trip" automatically in the event of a
short circuit overload current. When tripped,
move the control handle to OFF and back to
ON to reset the circuit breakers.

D The control box contains an integral safety

switch which automatically trips" the circuit
breakers when the cover is removed. Never
remove the cover in an explosive atmo-
sphere. Make certain incoming power is

D The motor is thermally protected by a ther-

mostat within the stator. In the event of motor

overheating, the thermostat will open and

automatically trip" the control box circuit