Safety - section a – Gorman-Rupp Pumps SM4G1-X30 460/3 1002211 thru 1241783 User Manual

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The following information applies
throughout this manual to Gorman-
Rupp Control Boxes.

Because pump installations are seldom
identical, this manual cannot possibly
provide detailed instructions and pre-
cautions for each specific application.
Therefore, it is the owner/installer’s re-
sponsibility to ensure that applications
not addressed in this manual are per-
formed only after establishing that nei-
ther operator safety nor pump integrity
are compromised by the installation.

Before attempting to install, operate, or
wire this control box, familiarize your-
self with this manual, and with all other
literature shipped with the control box.
Unfamiliarity with all aspects of control
operation covered in this manual could
lead to destruction of equipment, injury,
or death to personnel.

Before connecting any cable to the con-
trol box, be sure to ground the control
box. See Section B for suggested
grounding methods.

The control box provides overload pro-
tection and power control. Do not con-
nect the pump motor directly to the in-
coming power lines. If the power circuit
breaker or overload relay is tripped dur-
ing operation, correct the problem be-
fore resetting or replacing.

The electrical power used to operate
this control box is high enough to cause
injury or death. Obtain the services of a
qualified electrician to make all electri-
cal connections. Make certain that the
enclosure is properly grounded; never
use gas pipe as an electrical ground. Be
sure that the incoming power matches
the voltage and phase of the control be-
fore connecting the power source. Do
not make electrical connections if the
voltage is not within the limits. If the
overload unit is tripped during opera-
tion, correct the problem before restart-

The electrical power used to operate
this control box is high enough to cause
injury or death. Make certain that the
control handle on the control box is in
the OFF position and locked out, or that
the power supply to the control box has
been otherwise cut off and locked out,
before attempting to open or service the
control box. Tag electrical circuits to
prevent accidental start-up.

Do not install and operate a non-explo-
sion proof control box in an explosive
atmosphere. Install, connect, and oper-
ate the control box in accordance with
MSHA Schedule 2G to ensure the explo-
sion-proof integrity. If there is a conflict
between the instructions in the manual
accompanying the unit and MSHA,