Gorman-Rupp Pumps SM4G1-X30 460/3 1002211 thru 1241783 User Manual

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MSHA shall take precedence. All elec-
trical equipment supplied with this con-
trol box conformed to MSHA require-
ments in effect on the date of manufac-
ture. Failure to follow applicable specifi-
cations, or substitution of electrical
parts not supplied or approved by the
manufacturer, can result in severe injury
or death.

Do not open the control box in an explo-
sive atmosphere. When sealed, the con-
trol box is explosion proof, to prevent
the ignition of combustible gases.

Opening the box in an explosive atmo-
sphere could result in fire or explosion.

Obtain the services of a qualified elec-
trician to troubleshoot, test and/or ser-
vice the electrical components of this
control box.

Do not attempt to repair individual com-
ponents of the control box. Any compo-
nent which fails should be replaced.