Changing from left- to right-hand fitting, Face-mount model – D&D Technologies PullBolt lock - Face Mounting User Manual

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Changing from left- to right-hand fitting

1. Remove the key and

place the Lock Body

face down. Remove

the four corner screws


the two center screws

(shown at A).

2. Pick up the Lock Body

with both hands, being

careful to hold together

the front and back covers

(to prevent internal compo-

nents moving). Turn over

the Lock Body and place

down on a flat surface.

3. Lift the front cover and

place to one side. Lift the

bolt and flip it over as

shown, and place it back in

the cradle so that the pin

fits into the slot - either of

the two slots will work.

4. Replace the front cover and

re-fit the four screws.

DO NOT use power screwdrivers;

use hand tools.

Face-Mount model

Optional: Fixing Legs

(available separately)

Face-Mount model

Optional: Blind Covers

(available separately)

Plastic washer

Steel washer


•Instr D&DPullBolt FM (14/12/11)