D&D Technologies PullBolt lock - Face Mounting User Manual

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The D&D PullBolt™ is designed to provide added security to shopfronts, doors, frames and gates. The

locking mechanism is a “deadlock” design, meaning that it has to be locked in either the open or closed

positions to allow removal of the key. The PullBolt has a throw of 1


/4” (32mm) and remains captured in

the Lock Body when locked in the open position. The PullBolt is designed to be mounted on the exterior of

doors and gates, so that the mounting-screw heads are concealed from manipulation.

Note: In the text below, the word “door” substitutes for “gate”.

Preparation: Before installing this D&D PullBolt


- ensure the maximum gap between the two mounting frames does not exceed




” (9mm). This will ensure a minimum bolt

protrusion into the Face-Mount Keeper of




” (19mm).

- ensure there is at least 3” (75mm) of handle clearance to allow the bolt to retract when opening. Refer to the Drilling


- ensure the handing is correct. The PullBolt is factory assembled to be mounted onto a left-hand opening door. To rotate the

bolt to fit right-hand opening see the instructions on the reverse side.
Tools required: Electric or cordless drill,




” dia. (11mm dia.) drill bit, 6mm Allen key, square, hammer, centerpunch,

pointed implement, pencil, adhesive tape (for temporarily taping the template to the frame as required).
Installation procedure:

1. Determine the position where you intend mounting the PullBolt, and, with the pencil, mark a fine, level centerline across

the face of the frames. This will be centreline ʻAʼ. Use the square to mark this centreline around to the sides of the frames

- and then around to the rear of the frames. This is to ensure correct alignment of all drilled holes.

2. Fold the drilling template at lines B, C, D and E then align the template line A with the marked centreline on the frame.

3. Line up the door edge with the ʻDOOR/FRAME EDGEʼ line on the template on the ʻLOCK BODYʻ side, and allow a maxi-
mum of




” (2mm) clearance. Mark the center points in two places using a pointed implement, then centerpunch these

points. Repeat this procedure for the ʻKEEPERʼ side.

4. Remove the drilling template and move it to the rear of the frame. Re-position the template using line ʻCʼ for the LOCK

BODY and line ʻBʼ for the KEEPER side and follow the same alignment procedure as completed for the front. This ensures ac-

curate, level drilling through the door sections.
5. Drill




” dia. (11mm dia.) holes fully through the frame in the places marked from both sides. (Smaller pilot holes may

assist drilling accuracy.)

6. Place the washers under the head of the M10 mounting screws and insert the screws into the rear drilled holes. A maxi-
mum thread protrusion of




” (22mm) from the front of the door section and a minimum thread protrusion of




” (10mm)

applies. Contact your distributor for longer screws if required, or cut to




” (19mm) if too long.

7. Take the 6mm Allen key and secure the mounting screws firmly into the Lock Body and Keeper.

Check to ensure that the PullBolt locks securely and that there is no interference when opening the door.

The PullBolt is now ready for use.




•Instr D&DPullBolt FM (14/12/11)


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AUSTRALIA: U6, 4-6 Aquatic Drive, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086


Lubricate the D&D PullBolt™ using only graphite powder. DO NOT use oil or grease.

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