Jungheinrich ERD_220 User Manual

Erd 220, Electric pedestrian stacker (2,000 kg)

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Versatile: HGV double-deck
loading or pallet truck
/ stacker operation

3-phase AC motor for
maximum performance and
low energy consumption

ShockProtect to protect the
operator, truck and load

Electric tiller for easy steering

Optimum driving
characteristics with fixed
ProTracLink torsion bar

Fixed operator
platform (optional)

ERD 220

Electric pedestrian stacker (2,000 kg)

The ERD 220 electric pedestrian stacker
is extremely versatile and powerful when
it comes to load handling. A specialist in
HGV double-deck loading, it transports
loads efficiently over longer distances
or stacks/retrieves loads up to 2560 mm
The design of the truck is very robust: An
8-mm steel chassis and box section forks
made of sectional steel allow for heavy-
duty applications with heavy loads.
The ERD 220 is also ideal for both pedes-
trian and ride-on operation. In ride-on
mode, the ERD achieves a very high
speed of up to 12.5 km/h. This means
that goods can be handled or trans-
ported efficiently.

This truck also offers maximum operator
safety and operator comfort:
• In addition to the soft suspension of

the platform, the entire drive system is
cushioned with ShockProtect sus-
pension. The advantage:

• Reduces stress on the operator’s spinal


• Considerably less impact on the chas-

sis and all technical components of the
ERD 220.

• Electric steering for fatigue-free travel,

even with heavy loads.

• The maximum speed of the truck is

automatically reduced when cornering,
depending on the steering angle
(Curve Control).

• A fixed stand-on platform (optional)

provides outstanding operator protec-
tion with extra-high side components.

Up to 465 Ah high-performance batteries
are available for really demanding ap-
plications. Combined with state-of-the-
art 3-phase AC technology, this ensures
longer operating times with simulta-
neously minimised power consumption.
For multi-shift operations, the ERD 220 is
equipped with a lateral battery exchange
option. The ERD 220 basic model is
available for less demanding applications
(no lateral battery exchange).