Jungheinrich AM_V05 User Manual

Am v05

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Ideal for handling quarter,
half and special pallets.

Width across forks manually
adjustable (140-585 mm)

Particularly quiet operation

Robust and reliable

Fast lift as standard
(up to 120 kg)

AM V05

Hand pallet truck for display and part load pallets (500 kg)

The AM V05 is the ideal solution for
lifting quarter and half pallets. It offers
real advantages wherever display pallets
have to be moved frequently, e.g. on the
shop floor.

Small special pallets can also be trans-
ported because the forks can be
manually adjusted in the range from 140
to 585 mm. Whatever you transport with
the AM V05:

The advantages of user-friendliness,
robustness and reliability of Jungheinrich
hand pallet trucks pay dividends. Stan-
dard Euro pallets can also be transported.