Ken Tool reCore 29980 Kit User Manual


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Kit (#29980) includes:

(12) reCore™ TPMS Sensor Saver


(1) Valve Stem Drill


(1) Tap


(1) Tap Handle


(1) Ken-

Lok™ Thread Locker


(1) Valve Core Torque Tool


CAUTION: Always wear eye protection when working with hand tools.

Position the wheel to put the TPMS valve stem at either the 3-

o’clock or the 9-o’clock position.

This will help make drilling a straight hole easier. Support the wheel and vehicle with a jack or lift.

If the TPMS valve core is present, use the Valve Core Torque Tool to try to remove it. If the core
cannot be removed, use needle-nosed pliers to pull the core pin out. The Valve Stem Drill can be
used to remove the remaining parts of the valve core in the next step.

With the TPMS sensor at 3- or 9-

o’clock, use the Valve Stem Drill in a 3/8”-drive power drill to

enlarge the valve stem hole. Run the drill at high speed and sink the tool straight, slowly, and
gently into the valve stem hole. Stop after all of the outer cap threads have been cut away from the
existing valve stem

(about 1/8” from the top of the cap nut). With the Drill still spinning at high

speed, keep the Drill lightly engaged and pause momentarily before removing it in order to form a
smooth surface around the rim of the valve stem.

Note: If the bottom half of the valve core breaks free while it is being drilled out, it may spin at the
end of the drill and the drill will not be able to move any deeper. If this happens, the loose body of
the core must be pulled out before drilling can continue. Ken-

Tool’s #30215 4-Way Valve Core

Tool, a mini pick or an 1/8” drill bit can be used to help remove the core.

Use the Tap and Tap Handle to cut inside threads into the drilled

valve stem (approximately 3/4”

deep). Do not use cutting fluid (or any liquid). As tapping becomes difficult, stop and fully reverse
the tap out of the valve stem and clear the chips from it. Blow loose chips clear from inside the hole
with an air gun, and start tapping again.

This process should be repeated several times. Once the tap has reached the bottom, run the tap
fully to the bottom and out at least TWO TIMES. When tapping is complete, blow all loose chips