Ken Tool 31432 Bead Expanders User Manual

Bead expander instructions, How to use

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Part No. 31432-98

Bead Expander Instructions

WARNING: This product is for tire use only. Maximum air pressure is 50 PSI.

Do not over inflate device.

Do not use if red braiding is cut or rubber tube is exposed.


Open up Expander. Position on tire as shown in the
picture with the valve positioned away from the tire.
Pull the loose end through both rings. Feed end over
top and through the bottom ring to allow for
tightening. Left hand holds strap taut while right
hand centers the Expander around tire. Expander
must sit flat (remove any twists) and centered on tire
tread for proper use.

Once the Expander is centered on the tire, pull the
end until Expander is snug (as shown in the picture.)
Do not inflate product if both ends are not secured.
If not properly seated on tire, Expander
rolls off the tire with some force.

Inflate Expander with short bursts of air, Expander
inflates quickly
. This will force the tire beads
against the rim to seal (note compression of tread in
picture.) Inflate tire until beads are seated on rim.
WARNING: Do not fully inflate tire with bead
Expander in position. Release air from Expander by
turning valve. Remove Expander and complete tire

If you do not know how to use tire-changing tools – STOP! Tire changing should only be
performed by trained persons. If expander is improperly used, injury or death could result.

Here are some safety rules: For complete tire servicing procedures, read the tire and rim
manufacturer service manuals. You can also receive free wall charts about tire servicing by
calling OSHA at (202) 523-9667.

Always wear eye protection when using bead breaking tools, hammers, and tire irons.
Always use soft-faced hammers when driving tire irons.
Never use one hammer to strike another hammer.
Never use a hammer with a loose or cracked handle.
Never use a dented, cracked, chipped, mushroomed or deformed tool.
Never use a tire tool for anything except mounting or demounting tires.