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USING THE T45A-2000 AND T45A-2000K



mounting and demounting a tire from the rim assembly requires strength and skill,

proper technique is very critical when changing any tire. We recommend using these tools in

Demounting: Before removing tire and rim
assembly from truck, deflate tire completely
and remove valve core. Loosen the beads
from the rim. Lubricate tire beads and rim.
Insert the curved ends of the tubeless tire
irons between the tire and rim flange. With
your foot, press the opposite side of the tire
bead down into the rim well. Pull both tools
toward the center of the rim lifting the tire
over the flange. Hold one tire iron in position
with foot. Pull second tire iron out and repo-
sition it about 90o from the first insertion
point. Pull the tire iron towards the center of
the rim. Progressively work tools around rim
until first bead is off rim.

Stand assembly in vertical position with valve near top. Lubricate second bead and rim. Insert
straight end of tool between tire bead and the back of the rim flange, hooking the tool over the
top of the second flange. Lean tire assembly toward tool and provide a rocking or bouncing
action to pry the rim out of the assembly.

Mounting: Insert valve stem. Lubricate both bead seats of the
rim and both tire beads. Push lower bead over flange and into rim
well. Using curved end of tire iron with stop resting on rim flange,
pry tire over flange, starting where tire bead crosses rim flange.
Repeat progressively around tire working with small sections until
the tire is completely over the rim.

Lubricate second tire bead. Stand on the tire to push a section of
the bead over the flange and into the well. While standing on the
tire, insert the curved end of the tire iron between the tire bead
and rim flange. Push the tire bead over the rim flange opposite
where the tire is already in the well. Repeat this step taking small
sections of the bead until the last section is pried over the rim
flange until tire is mounted.


Always wear approved safety eye protection when servicing tires and

wheels and whenever using hand tools. Follow all tire and rim manufacturers’ instructions
when changing and inflating tires. Never use these tool for anything except mounting or
demounting tires.

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