Gentec-EO UM-B User Manual

Gentec-EO Optical devices

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First Year Warranty

The Gentec-EO thermal power and energy detectors carry a one-year warranty (from date of shipment)
against material and /or workmanship defects when used under normal operating conditions. The
warranty does not cover recalibration or damages related to misuse.

Gentec-EO will repair or replace at its option any wattmeter or joulemeter which proves to be defective
during the warranty period, except in the case of product misuse.

Any unauthorized alteration or repair of the product is also not covered by the warranty.

The manufacturer is not liable for consequential damages of any kind.

In the case of a malfunction, contact the local Gentec-EO distributor or nearest Gentec-EO office to
obtain a return authorization number. Return the material to the address below.

All customers:

Gentec-EO, Inc.
445 St-Jean-Baptiste, Suite 160
Quebec, QC, G2E 5N7

Tel: (418) 651-8003
Fax: (418) 651-1174
Email: [email protected]

Lifetime Warranty

Gentec-EO will warranty any thermal power and energy detector head for its lifetime as long as it has
been returned for recalibration annually from the date of shipment. This warranty includes parts and labor
for all routine repairs including normal wear under normal operating conditions.

Gentec-EO will inspect and repair the detector during the annual recalibration. Exceptions to repair at
other times will be at Gentec-

EO’s option.

Not included is the cost of annual recalibration or consequential damages from using the detector.

The only condition is that the detector head must not have been subject to unauthorized service or
damaged by misuse. Misuse would include, but is not limited to; laser exposure outside Gentec-


published specifications, physical damage due to improper handling, and exposure to hostile
environments. Hostile environments would include, but are not limited to excessive temperature,

vibration, humidity (>80%), or surface contaminants; exposure to flame, solvents or water; and connection
to improper electrical voltage.