RECON 264124BK & CL LED 3rd Brake Light (Ford F-150 2004-2008) User Manual

RECON For the car

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HOW TO INSTALL 264124BK & 264124CL

Ford 2004-2008 F-150 LED 3



Prior to the installation of your RECON Ford F-150



Brake Light, please follow the instructions below.

’04-’08 F-150 3rd Brake Light:

Remove your factory 3rd brake light and disconnect the wires from the back of the
three bulbs. The plug you need to connect your new RECON light is located back
inside the vacant hole in your truck cab and is held in place with a small white clip.
To locate the clip, look up and to the right into the hole left behind after removing
your factory installed 3


brake light. You will see the tip of the white clip protruding

through a metal panel. Reach into the hole with a long, flat head screwdriver and
press down on the clip until it pops out. Then you simply need to pull on the factory
wires until you see the plug that matches your new RECON brake light. Connect the
two plugs and re-use your factory screws to mount your brand new RECON LED 3rd
brake light. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN…remember you are screwing down into a
plastic housing and care is needed to ensure a nice snug fit that isn’t so tight that you
crack the plastic housing.

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