RECON Illuminated Door Sills User Manual

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Prior to the installation of your RECON Illuminated Door Sills, please follow the

instructions below to prevent a short circuit situation in your vehicles electrical

system which will cause fuses to blow on your fuse panel.

Mount the door sills directly over-top of the existing door sills using the screws
provided in the kit. In certain applications you may mount the door sills in place of
the factory OEM plastic door sills.

The door sills should be wired into the dome light wire on your truck so that the
Illuminated Door Sills will illuminate when the door is opened and turn off when the
door is closed. The dome light wire can be found in numerous locations in the cab of
your truck, it may be located in the wire harness running through the kick panel, the
fuse box, or the wires running under your OEM door sills. Simply splice the positive
wire from our door sill to the dome light wire and ground the negative wire from the
Illuminated Door Sill and the install is complete. If you are having any trouble
locating the dome light wire in your truck, you can call your local dealership and
they should be able to assist you.

*NOTE* Install Tip: RECON Illuminated Door Sills for Ford SUPERDUTY Trucks:

2008-2010 - The correct positive (+) wire is located under the passenger side kick panel in the

cluster of wires & it is the yellow wire with a grey stripe on it.

2011-2013 - The correct positive (+) wire to use is the solid purple wire.


If you install the door sills incorrectly, the illumination may not function properly and

can blow a fuse when tested. In this case simply replace the blown fuse and re-connect the

wires in the appropriate way as described above in the instructions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

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