RECON 264241BK & CL Mirror Lenses (Ford) User Manual

Removal of ford f-150 / raptor outer mirror lenses

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Removal of Ford F-150 / RAPTOR Outer Mirror Lenses

Instructions for Part # 264240BK & CL, 264241BK & CL 2009-2014 F-150 & RAPTOR


Step one is to push the bottom section of your glass mirror so the top has as much of an opening as possible.

Using a long flat head screwdriver locate the clip section with the tab in it. Put the screwdriver in between the tab

and the mirror and twist until they begin to separate. Continue this while working your way around the mirror.

NOTE: On the driver side you will need to access this tab from the bottom.


Once the mirror is free, very gently unplug the heated mirror wires (assuming your truck is equipped with them).

Then remove the four (4) T15 torx screws. NOTE: If your heated mirror wires look fragile or frayed, we

recommend you do not unplug them. You can still install RECON mirror lenses without unplugging these wires;

however, you must be careful so you do not apply too much pulling pressure on these wires.


If your truck has heated mirrors and you choose to unplug the wires, be sure to mark the negative side so you

will correctly connect them back again.


Now fold the mirror in towards the door of the truck so you can remove the front half of the housing. Start at the

door side of the mirror and pry up as shown. Once you have this part up the housing should pop right off.

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