RECON 264150 - How To Replace H3 Bulb User Manual

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264150 Bulb Replacement How‐To



In This DIY I Will Explain How To Replace The H3 Bulb In RECON: Backup Projectors

Tools Required:

Medium – Small, Sized Phillips Screwdriver

What You Need To Get:

New H# 55W Bulb


You Will First Need To Remove The Two Phillips Screws On The Side of Your
Recons. *NOTE The Order of The Washers. – Disconnect The Terminals.

‐ Place Your Projector On A Solid Surface To Work On
‐ Flip The Projector Upside Down – To Expose The Silver Access Plate

‐ Remove The 3 Phillips Screws To Remove The Access Plate – Set Aside.
‐ Examine How The Bulb Is Installed From The Factory
‐ Remove The Screw Holding The Ground Terminal & The Bulb Keeper – Set Aside

‐ Remove The Bad Bulb, Wiggle Back And Fourth Until Bulb Separates From The Housing
‐ Install The New Bulb
‐ Reassemble Following Tear Down Procedure.
‐ The Ground and Power Wire Have Channels To Lay In
‐ Be Sure The Cover Plate and Gasket Have A Good Seal, Be Sure Not To Over Tighten.

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