RECON 264241BK & CL Mirror Lenses (Ford) User Manual

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If you have PTM caps, you will want to remove them so you don't scratch them. Just release the tabs as shown

and the cap will pop right out.


Now you can remove the reflector from the housing. Using a flat head screwdriver, gently pry the tab on the

outside curved part of the reflector. NOTE: The driver mirror reflector tab on the door side is a fork shape instead

of one solid tab.


NOTE: This last step is ONLY if you are installing part # 264241Bk or CL which include LED turn signals &/or

running lights. We recommend taking the strip of LED’s and using it as a template to cut out the plastic with a

Dremel tool using a cut-off wheel on it. Be sure not to run the Dremel too fast and don't cut too deep. Only cut

deep enough to cut through the white plastic and then stop.


The final step assuming you have part # 264241BK or CL is to wire in the LED turn signal &/or running lights. Our

suggestion is to wire the LEDs to function as turn signals & to do this you simply hardwire the positive wire to the

positive wire coming off your front turn signal bulb and ground the negative to the chassis or find a suitable

ground for the negative wire coming off your RECON LED turn signal mirror lenses.

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