Caution – Gillette Generators SPMD-2500 THRU SPMD-4000 User Manual

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can be ignited. Leaks in fuel system can be ignited.
Both are conditions that can cause fire and/or
explosion, leading to possible death.

● Do not operate generator if smell of fuel is

● Wipe up any oil spills immediately. Remove any
debris that has accumulated inside or around
generator base and housing.

● Always maintain a scheduled inspection of entire
fuel system and starting battery, looking for leaks or
other negative conditions.

Following is a list of potential events that might result
in minor or moderate injury or damage to the

● Never operate generator with oil dipstick partially
seated or completely missing.

● Never operate generator without air cleaner and
cover in place.

● Always check oil drain hose or radiator drain hose
for leaks.

● Generator operating speeds over or under 1800
RPM increase risk of operator injury and engine

● Never insert any objects through generator
cooling slots.

● The control panel and wiring access area doors
must be installed at time of operation.

● If connected electrical items overheat, disconnect
them immediately.

● Immediately shut down generator if it looses
electrical output, shows sparks, smokes, emits flames,
vibrates, or shows any other abnormal operation.

● Do not modify generator design.

● Do not modify carburetion system, as it is factory
set for C.A.R.B./EPA emissions certification.

This concludes the limited hazard listing. However,
GILLETTE cannot possibly anticipate every possible
hazard. Therefore, the warnings in this manual, plus
the warning tags and decals attached to the generator
are not all inclusive. If the generator operator has a
different operating method, other than described in
this manual, then operator becomes responsible to

make sure that different procedure, work method, or
operating method is totally safe, against harm and
hazards to operators, buildings or environments.


After receiving the generator, note that it is mounted
on a heavy wood skid base and protected by clear
plastic wrap. While the transportation carrier is still
present, note the condition of skid and generator set.
If damage occurs, make a note of damage on carrier’s
freight bill and have truck driver sign his name on the
freight bill, under “Consignor’s Memo of Loss or

If shipping container is used for shipping protection
and it shows damage of any kind, and time does not
permit container removal for actual generator
inspection, while transportation carrier is still
available, be sure to:

● Make note of container damage “with possible
interior product damage” on carrier’s freight bill.

● Have truck driver sign his name on freight bill
under “Consignor's Memo of Loss or Damage”.

This action will help prove your case against shipper.
Always save shipping materials in the event that gen-
set must be sent back to factory due to need of
extensive repairs.

If damage is noticed after carrier leaves, contact the
carrier for “concealed damage” form. NOTE:
Missing or damaged parts on generator, is not a
warranty claim.


The GILLETTE generator set is supplied with the
following components:

● Generator system will be supplied in (3) different
forms: An “Open” (no enclosure) gen-set, a gen-set
with standard weather/sound enclosure, or a gen-set
with Super-Silent weather/sound enclosure having
special silencing foam and “critical” grade muffler.

● Residential muffler system is standard equipment
for quiet operation. An upgrade to “critical” or
“hospital” grade is available and may be installed on
gen-set, as an option. NOTE: Any style muffler for
any “open” (no weather enclosure) may be chosen
and shipped loose, for installation at job-site, by

● Heavy duty steel skid base with (4) lifting holes
having plastic knock-out cover plugs.

● Two universal locking keys that fit all door locks.


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