Warning, Danger – Gillette Generators SPMD-2500 THRU SPMD-4000 User Manual

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● Generator should not be exposed to excessive and







● If connected loads cause over heating or excessive
vibration, an overload condition exists. Remove
loads until condition stabilizes.

● Do not sit, step, or load heavy items on generator
roof. Added stress can cause breakage.

● Do not start generator with air cleaner, air cleaner
cover, or oil dipstick removed, nor with oil drain hose
in open drain position.

● Keep a fire extinguisher rated “ABC” close by your
generator and be familiar on how to use it. Consult
your local fire department, for additional fire
prevention ideas.

● Be sure that a positive manual, on/off fuel valve be
installed in fuel line feeding generator.

● Do not tamper with engine controls, generator is
factory adjusted to supply rated voltage and speed.






temperature is over 105º F (40ºC), as electrical
insulation system may fail.

● Never install generator closer than 10 feet to
residence where windows can be opened, vents in an
overhung roof, or anywhere engine exhaust could
possibly find its way into inhabited dwellings.

● Engine coolant is under pressure and is near
boiling point when operating. Do not open coolant
system until engine has completely cooled. Doing so,
will cause severe coolant burns and other injuries.

● An open bottom stationary gen-set must be
installed over a noncombustible material and shall be
located that prevention of such materials from
accumulating under gen-set.

● Only experienced technician should install a fuel
supply system. Always comply with all NFPA
regulations and local codes.



Starting batteries are not furnished with
your generator set, but they are available
through your qualified installing contractor.

The home or commercial standby generator requires
a 12 VDC or 24 VDC fully charged battery.

● Released battery electrolyte can burn
your skin and eyes and is toxic.

● When electrolyte touches skin, wash it off
immediately with water and seek medical attention.
When electrolyte contacts eyes, flush thoroughly with
water and seek medical attention.

● Spilled electrolyte must be washed away with an
acid neutral agent. Use a solution of one pound
bicarbonate of soda to one gallon of water, and wash
down acid effected areas until evidence of acid
foaming reaction has ended.

● A battery provides risk of electric shock. Remove
watches, rings, or other metal items when working
with batteries. Use tools with insulated handles.

● When disconnecting battery cables, always
disconnect the battery charger first, the positive
battery cable second, and negative battery cable last.
When reconnecting cables, always reconnect the
positive battery cable first, then negative cable, and
reconnect battery charger last, to reduce possible

● Discharge body static electricity by touching a
grounded metal surface on generator before touching

● Do not dispose of batteries in a fire and do not
open or mutilate a battery, as the battery is capable of

● Lead acid batteries present a risk of fire or
explosion because they generate hydrogen gas,
within. Do not smoke, nor have flame or spark in a
battery area.


A generator produces dangerous electric

voltages and can cause a fatal electric shock and will
cause sudden illness, dizziness, and incoherent

● Despite the safe design of this GILLETTE
generator, operating it carelessly, neglecting its
normal maintenance, or being ill informed of proper
operations can cause possible serious injury or death.

● Avoid contact with bare wires, connection points,
etc., while generator is running.

● Do not touch any kind of electrical circuit while
standing in water, while barefooted, or while hands or
feet are wet or moist.

● Never wear any type of jewelry while working on a



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