Gillette Generators SPMD-2500 THRU SPMD-4000 User Manual

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death. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poising
include: dizziness, nausea, headaches, sleepiness,
vomiting, or incoherence. If anyone experiences
these symptoms, get out into fresh air immediately.
Stop the engine and do not restart the engine until it
has been inspected and if necessary repaired or
generator may need an increase in cooling air input
and hot air output.

DANGER: Never operate the generator set indoors
in a poorly or non-ventilated area. Exhaust fumes are
extremely dangerous to all personnel and livestock
that are in a badly ventilated area.

DANGER: Before cleaning, inspecting, repairing, or
performing any maintenance to the generator set,
always be sure the engine has stopped and that all
rotating parts have also stopped. After stopping,
certain components are still extremely hot, so be
careful not to get burned. Before servicing the
generator set, be sure to disconnect the battery
terminals to prevent accidental engine rotation or

DANGER: Some parts of this generator rotate during
operation. Even though safety screens are installed
to protect operator and service personnel from
accidental contact, it is wise to know and understand,
that rotating parts are dangerous. Never touch any
part of generator until it is completely stopped
moving, then disconnect positive cable on battery.

DANGER: Never operate the engine when the air
cleaner is removed. This removal may cause a
backfire and serious burns can result.

DANGER: Do not smoke within 20 feet of generator
during standstill or operation, or within same
distance of fuel source. Fuels, and fuel fumes, can
cause fire, explosions, injury, or death.

DANGER: Check all fuel supply piping and their
connection monthly for leaks. All fuels are
flammable and can cause fire, explosions, injury, or

DANGER: Incorrect installation of this generator set
and its fuel system could result in property damage,
injury, or death. Connection of the generator to its
fuel source must be done by a qualified professional
technician or contractor.

DANGER: Never allow the un-informed, children, or
animals to be in the area where the generator is
running. The generator, or the equipment being
powered by the generator, may cause illness, injury,
or death.

DANGER: Do not dispose of battery or batteries in a
fire, or mutilate the battery. The battery is capable of
exploding. If the battery explodes, electrolyte
solution will be released in all directions. Battery

electrolyte solution is caustic and can cause sever
burns and blindness. If electrolyte contacts skin or
eyes, immediately flush the area with water and seek
medical attention quickly.

WARNING: Never permit anyone to operate the
generator without proper instructions. Be sure to
keep a copy of this manual with the generator so that
all users can read these precautions and be properly
informed of its safe operation.

WARNING: Never operate this generator in a
manner other than as described in this manual.
Operation in any manner not described in this
manual should be considered unsafe and should not
be attempted. Never start the engine unless you first
have verified that the installation and operation of the
generator is as described in this manual.

WARNING: When operating this generator keep
alert. Never operate machinery when physically or
mentally fatigued, or while under the influence of
alcohol, drugs, or medication.

WARNING: Always wear safety glasses and hearing
protection when working near the running generator.

WARNING: Never operate the generator unless all
guards, covers, shields, and other safety items are
properly installed.

WARNING: Positive and negative battery cables
should be insulated from “touch” (use battery
connection boots) on all battery connections.

WARNING: Installation and servicing of batteries is
to be performed or supervised by personnel
knowledgeable of batteries and the required
precautions. Keep unauthorized personnel away
from batteries.

WARNING: Keep a fire extinguisher near the
generator while generator is in use, and know how to
use the extinguisher. Use an extinguisher rated
“ABC” by the National Fire Protection Association.

WARNING: Installation and repair procedures
requires specialized skills with electrical generating
equipment. Any person that installs or performs
repairs must have these specialized skills to ensure
that the generator set is safe to operate. Contact
GILLETTE for installation or repairs, when questions

WARNING: Never connect or disconnect loads
during operation. Always connect load circuits
before starting the engine.

WARNING: Circuit overload protection (automatic
circuit breakers) must be provided in accordance
with the National Electrical Code and local regulations.

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