Installation instructions, Step 9 replace fresh food doors, Step 10 install water line – GE ZFGP21HZSS User Manual

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Installation Instructions

A. Lower the refrigerator door onto the center hinge

pin. Ensure that the plastic hinge pin thimble is on
the center hinge pin or inside door hinge pin hole
located in the bottom of the door.


Hinge Pin

B. Securely tape the door shut with masking tape

or have a second person support the door.

C. Insert the top hinge pin into the hinge hole on

top of the refrigerator door. Make sure the door is
aligned with the cabinet and opposite door. Attach
the hinge to the top of the cabinet loosely with
the bolts.

D. Make sure the gasket on the door is flush against

the cabinet and is not folded. Make sure the door
is straight and the gap between the doors is even
across the front. While holding the aligned door
in place, tighten the top hinge bolts.

Tighten Top
Hinge Bolts

Gasket Flush and Not Folded

E. Follow the same procedure on the opposite door.
F. Reinstall the top cap using the 4 screws removed



Door Hi


Case Hin


7/32" Wrench




NOTE: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Plumb ing
Codes 248CMR shall be adhered to. Saddle valves
are illegal and use is not permitted in Massachusetts.
Consult with your licensed plumber.


• A cold water supply is required for automatic icemaker

operation. The water pressure must be be tween 40 and
120 p.s.i.

• Route GE SmartConnect

Refrigerator Tubing or 1/4" OD

copper tubing between house cold water line and the
water connection location.

• Measure the distance from the water valve on the back

of the refrigerator to the water supply line. Add 8 foot
length to allow the refrigerator to be moved away from
the wall after installation. Bend the tubing into 3 coils
of about 10".

NOTE: The only GE approved plastic tubing is supplied
in GE SmartConnect

Refrigerator Tubing kits. Do not

use any other plastic water supply line because the line
is under pressure at all times. Certain types of plastic
will crack or rupture with age and cause water damage
to your home.

GE SmartConnect

Refrigerator Tubing Kits are

available in the following lengths:

2' (0.6 m)

– WX08X10002

6' (1.8 m)

– WX08X10006

15' (4.6 m)

– WX08X10015

25' (7.6 m)

– WX08X10025

Shut off the main water supply.
Turn on the nearest faucet long enough to clear the line
of water.
• Install a shut-off valve between the icemaker water

valve and cold water pipe in a basement or cabinet.
The shut-off valve should be located where it will be
easily accessible.

• Turn on the main water supply and flush debris.

Run about a quart of water through the tubing into
a bucket. Shut off water supply at the shut-off valve.

NOTE: Saddle type shut-off valves are included
in many water supply kits, but are not recommended
for this application.

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