4 pads, 3 pitch bending, 4 adding effects – Electrix Tweaker Traktor Reference User Manual

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2. Traktor LE 2 Mapping Details


Half cuts the current loop length in half and Double buttons doubles.

Pressing the active loop button exits the loop.

2.3.3 Pitch Bending

Pitch Bend up and down buttons are provided. Select the “Tempo Sync” option in the preferences if

you want to be able to pitch bend while Sync is on.

2.3.4 Adding Effects

Traktor 2 LE has three effects: Delay, Flanger, and Reverb. There are two effect select buttons. Press-

ing the left button selects the Delay effect, or Reverb effect while holding Shift. Pressing the second

button selects the Flanger effect.

There are two On buttons for each FX unit. The first toggles the effects on and off. The second is a

momentary button that reverses the On state of the effects. So if the effects are off, it will turn them

on momentarily, and if they are on, it will turn them off momentarily

2.3.5 Preparation

A few preparation functions are available while holding down Shift:

Marker: Set a Grid Marker

Tick: Turns on the audible grid tick in the headphones

Grid: Automatically resets the grid

BPM: Calculates or recalculates the track’s tempo

2.4 Pads

In Traktor LE, the pressure sensitive pads are split down the middle just like the button grid, with the

left half controlling FX unit 1, and the right half controlling FX unit 2.

2.4.1 Effects

The first three pads control Traktor 2 LE’s three built-in effects, and the fourth creates a backspin

effect as described below.


Pressing a pad selects the effect.


Pressing it again turns on the effect, and applying pressure increases the amount of the effect.


Releasing the pad turns off the effect.