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3. Traktor Pro 2 Mapping Details


3.1 Navigation

3.3.1 Shift

The Shift button gives access to secondary functions on many of the TWEAKER’s control.

3.3.2 Browsing

The large navigation encoder scrolls through the library. Hold Shift to browse the library tree.

Pushing the encoder toggles browser-only view.

Use the up and down navigation buttons to scroll through the library by page

Hold Shift and use the up and down navigation buttons to scroll through the library tree

3.3.3 Loading

Load tracks using the left and right navigation buttons. Left for deck A. Right for deck B.

Hold Shift to unload tracks.

3.2 Mixer

3.2.1 Filter/Gain Knobs

By default, the two analog knobs are used as filters for each deck. In the center position, the filter is

off. Turning the knob to the left activates the low pass filter, turning it to the right activates the high

pass filter. The two knobs also double as Gain knobs while holding Shift.

3.2.2 Headphone Monitoring

Activating the Monitor Cue button on either channel give access to the Cue Mix and Cue Level con-

trols on the two filter knobs while holding Shift, temporarily deactivating the filter controls. Gain

function is still accessible while holding Shift.

3.2.3 Channel Strip Control Modes

The channel strips have 3 standard control layers: EQ, Loop, and FX. The Control Mode buttons are

used to switch between the layers. Each layer is represented by a color. The control modes affect

only the 3 push-encoders, and in some modes the volume faders.

EQ (White)


Turning the encoders adjusts the EQ bands (high, mid, and low).


Pushing the encoders kills the respective bands. Shift resets the EQ bands.