4 pads – Electrix Tweaker Traktor Reference User Manual

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3. Traktor Pro 2 Mapping Details


ond, FX HOLD, is a momentary button that reverses the On state of the effects. So if the effects are

off, it will turn them on momentarily, and if they are on, it will turn them off momentarily

Pitch Bend

The pitch bend buttons also double as pitch buttons while holding pitch. This is useful to increase

the tempo throughout the night during a “beat sync” set. Note: Pitch bending only works while beat

sync is on if the “Tempo Sync” option is selected in the preferences.

3.4 Pads

The velocity pads are a lot fun to control Traktor’s effects units. The eight pads are ideal to control

each FX unit’s 4 parameters. The top row controls FX unit 1 and the bottom row controls FX unit 2.

We found this configuration works better for hand placement, rather than splitting the units down

the middle like the grid.


Most included presets set the D/W to Wet. Applying pressure to this pad reduces the wet signal, and

releasing it returns to Wet. Releasing the pad while holding Shift, sets the signal to Dry.

Buttons / Knobs

The next three pads control the three buttons and knobs in Traktor’s FX units together.

In Group Mode, pressing a pad turns on its effect and applying pressure increases the amount of

the effect. Releasing a pad turns off its effect. Holding Shift disables the knob and only activates the

button. If FX On is active in the grid, the pads only control the knobs (this way effects don’t turn off

when releasing the pads).

In Single Mode, the pads only affect the knobs. When holding Shift, they only affect the buttons.

3.5 MIDI Notes

If you plan to create your own mappings or edit this one, note that Traktor transposes MIDI Note

messages up one octave from the TWEAKER’s mapping. So all notes are one octave higher in Traktor

than shown on TWEAKER’s MIDI map (i.e. C#-2 on TWEAKER is equal to C#-1 in Traktor).