1 traktor pro 2 – Electrix Tweaker Traktor Reference User Manual

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1. Getting Started with Traktor 2


3. When asked if you are using an external controller, choose Yes.

4. Next you will be asked to select the make and model of your controller. Select Electrix as the

manufacturer, and select Tweaker LE as the model.

5. Select whether you want to use an external DJ mixer or Traktor’s internal software mixer in your

setup. (The included TWEAKER mappings are made for internal mixer) Click Next to confirm.

6. Select a basic setup for your Decks (how many Decks and what Deck Flavors to use). This can later

be easily changed from within the software. The available options can vary, depending on your

Traktor version.

7. Click Finish to confirm your setup.

You are now ready to start using TWEAKER with Traktor LE 2

1.1 Traktor Pro 2

Future Traktor Pro releases will include the TWEAKER mappings. Until then, the mappings are

available on the included CD, and online at www.electrixpro.com. Follow these instructions to

install the TWEAKER mappings if you already have Traktor Pro 2 installed.

To install the Traktor Pro 2 mapping:

1. Save the .tsi file in Traktor’s Settings folder:
Mac: /User /Documents /Native Instruments /Traktor /Settings
PC: /

2. Connect the TWEAKER and launch Traktor.

3. Open the Preferences window and click on the Import button at the bottom of the window.

4. Navigate to the TWEAKER’s .tsi file that you just saved in the settings folder and click Open.

5. Once the mapping is loaded all LED’s on the TWEAKER should light up. TWEAKER is ready for use

with Traktor.