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1. Getting Started with Traktor 2


1 Getting Started with Traktor 2

1.1 Traktor LE 2

Installing Traktor LE 2

If you are using a version of Traktor LE 2 that was bundled with a different controller, you still need to

install this version because it includes the TWEAKER mappings.

To begin the installation process, insert the installation CD into your computer’s optical drive. Open

the Traktor folder and select your platform.

MAC OS X: Double click the file ‘Traktor 2 Installer Mac.dmg’ to get started.

WINDOWS: Double click the file ‘Traktor 2 Setup PC.exe’ to get started.

The installer will guide you through the rest of the installation process. Follow the on-screen

instructions carefully.

Activating Traktor LE 2

You will be prompted to activate Traktor LE the first time you open it. The program will run as a

30-minute demo until you register and activate it. When prompted, click the Activate button. The NI

Service Center application will launch and guide you through the activation process. Make sure to

have your Traktor serial number handy as it is required for activation. The Serial number is located

on the installation CD sleeve.

Keep your serial number safe as this is user license for Traktor. Serial numbers are not replaceable if

you misplace it.

Running the Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard will help you setup Traktor to work with TWEAKER. Connect TWEAKER to a USB

port on your computer before launching Traktor.

1. Select Start Setup Wizard in the Help menu of the Application Menu Bar (to see this bar, Fullscreen

mode must be deactivated).

2. On the welcome screen, click Next to confirm TWEAKER is connected.