Nikon D80 User Manual

Page 109

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Menu Guide / Custom Settings


Press OK.


Compose the shot and arrange the fl ash units as shown below. Note that the maxi-

mum distance at which the remote fl ash units can be placed may vary with shooting

(built-in flash)

30° or less

30° or less



10 m/33 ft. or less

5 m/16 ft. or less

5 m/16 ft. or less

Wireless remote sensors
on fl ash units should
face camera.


Turn all the remote fl ash units on and set them to the channel selected in Step 4. See
the Speedlight instruction manuals for details.


Press the button to raise the built-in fl ash. Note that even if
- - is selected for Built-in fl ash > Mode, the built-in fl ash must be
raised so that monitor prefl ashes will be emitted.


Focus and shoot after confi rming that the fl ash-ready lights on the camera and all re-
mote fl ash units are lit.

Commander Mode

Position the sensor windows on the remote fl ash units to pick up the monitor prefl ashes from the built-
in fl ash (particular care is required when not using a tripod). Be sure that direct light or strong refl ec-
tions from the remote fl ash units do not enter the camera lens (in TTL mode) or the photocells on the
remote fl ash units (AA mode), as this may interfere with exposure. To prevent timing fl ashes emitted
by the built-in fl ash from appearing in photographs taken at short range, choose low ISO sensitivities
and small apertures (large f/-numbers) or use an optional SG-3IR infrared panel for the built-in fl ash. An
SG-3IR is required for best results with rear-curtain sync, which produces brighter timing fl ashes. After
positioning the remote fl ash units, take a test shot and view the results in the camera monitor.

Although there is no limit on the number of remote fl ash units that may be used, the practical maxi-
mum is three. With more than this number, the light emitted by the remote fl ash units will interfere
with performance.

Flash compensation (

55) is added to the fl ash output for all fl ash units, including the built-in fl ash.