Nikon D80 User Manual

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Reference: More on Photography (All Modes) / Focus

Getting Good Results with Autofocus

Autofocus does not perform well under the conditions listed below. If the camera is unable to focus
using autofocus, use manual focus (

32) or use focus lock ( 31) to focus on another subject at the

same distance and then recompose the photograph.

There is little or no contrast
between the subject and the

The focus area contains ob-
jects at diff erent distances
from the camera

Example: Subject is the same color as the back-

Example: Subject is inside a cage.

The subject is dominated by
regular geometric patterns

The focus area contains areas
of sharply contrasting bright-

Example: A row of windows in a skyscraper.

Example: Subject is half in the shade.

The subject appears smaller
than the focus area

The subject many contains
fi ne details

Example: Focus area contains both foreground
subject and distant buildings.

Example: A fi eld of fl owers or other subjects that
are small or lack variation in brightness.


utofocus Mode

Controls used: button

The following autofocus modes are available when the focus mode selector is set to AF:

Autofocus mode



Auto select
(default setting)

Camera automatically selects single-servo autofocus when subject is sta-
tionary, continuous-servo autofocus when subject is moving. Shutter can
only be released if camera is able to focus.

AF-S Single-servo AF

For stationary subjects. Focus locks when shutter-release button is pressed
halfway. Shutter can only be released when in-focus indicator is displayed.



For moving subjects. Camera focuses continuously while shutter-release
button is pressed halfway. Photographs can be taken even when in-focus
indicator is not displayed.

To choose the autofocus mode, press the button until the desired
setting is displayed.