Choosing a color temperature, Preset white balance – Nikon D80 User Manual

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Reference: P, S, A, and M Modes / White Balance

Choosing a Color Temperature

Controls used: WB button + sub-command dial

(monitor off )

At a setting of (Choose color temp.), color temperature can be
selected by pressing the WB button and rotating the sub-command
dial until the desired value is displayed in the control panel. Color
temperature can also be selected in the shooting menu ( 82).

Choose color temp.

Take a test shot to determine if the selected color temperature is appropriate to the light source. Note
that the desired results may not achieved with the fl ash or with fl uorescent lighting; choose (Flash)

(Fluorescent) instead.

Color Temperature

The perceived color of a light source varies with the viewer and other conditions. Color temperature is
an objective measure of the color of a light source, defi ned with reference to the temperature to which
an object would have to be heated to radiate light in the same wavelengths. While light sources with
a color temperature in the neighborhood of 5,000–5,500 K appear white, light sources with a lower
color temperature, such as incandescent light bulbs, appear slightly yellow or red. Light sources with
a higher color temperature appear tinged with blue. The color temperatures for each of the white bal-
ance settings supported by the camera may be found in the Appendix (


13 — Auto BKT Set ( 90)

This option to create a series of photographs “bracketing” the current white balance value.

Preset White Balance

Preset white balance can be used when the desired results can not be achieved at other set-
tings or to match white balance to the value used in an previous photograph. Two methods
are available for setting preset white balance:



Direct measurement

Neutral gray or white object is placed under lighting that will be used in
fi nal photograph and white balance is measured by camera (


Copy from existing


White balance is copied from photo on memory card (