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CD Walkman



Part # 3-255-900-01

Register Your Atrac CD

Walkman player today!

Registered ATRAC CD Walkman player customers will receive:


Communication of software upgrades and updates


Customized product support via Sony’s Musiclub web site

Visit to register your
ATRAC CD Walkman player online.

Registration Tip: The serial number is located on the bottom of the unit.

For ATRAC CD Walkman technical support, including software updates:

• Visit at

• Contact Sony Network Portable Audio Support Line at (866) 456-7669.





Simple Burner

System Requirements:



PC/AT or compatible

Manufacturer Installed OS: Microsoft




XP Home Edition /

Windows XP Professional / Windows Millennium Edition / Windows 2000
Professional / Windows 98 Second Edition
CPU: Pentium


II 300 Mhz or higher (Pentium III 600 Mhz or higher recommended)

Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more (The amount of free space required
differs according to the size of the audio files that you want to handle.
1.5GB of free space or more is recommended)
RAM: 64MB or higher (128MB or higher is recommended)
CD-R/CD-RW drive (capable of digital playback by WDM)
Sound Board
High Color (16 bit) or greater, 800x600 dots or more
Other: Internet access for Web registration and CDDB* services. Adobe
Acrobat Reader installed for viewing the online help
Notes: We do not ensure trouble-free operation on all computers that
satisfy the system requirements. We do not ensure trouble-free operation
of the system suspend, sleep, or hibernation function on all computers..

* estimated at 4 minutes per song, using 700MB CD-R/RW media with ATRAC3plus at 48 Kbps.
** When compared at like bit rates.

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