Camera 1, Af mode digital zoom – Sony DSC-H1 User Manual

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Camera 1


The default settings are marked with


Selects the auto focus operation mode.

Selects the digital zoom mode. The camera enlarges the image using optical zoom (up to 12×).
When the zoom scale exceeds 12×, the camera uses either smart or precision digital zoom.

AF Mode

Single (S AF)

Automatically adjusts the focus when the shutter button is
pressed and held halfway down. This mode is useful for
shooting stationary subjects.

Monitor (M AF)

Automatically adjusts the focus before the shutter button is
pressed and held halfway down. This mode shortens the time
needed for focusing.

• Battery consumption may be faster than in [Single] mode.

Continuous (C AF)

Adjusts the focus before you press and hold the shutter button
halfway down, and then continues to adjust the focus even
after AF lock is completed.
This mode allows shooting of moving subjects with continued

• Focus adjustment may not be able to keep up when shooting fast

moving subjects.

• The AF range finder frame is Center AF (page 32).
• The focus is not adjusted after the lock is completed in the

following cases, and the “C AF” indicator flashes. The camera
operates in [Monitor] mode.
– When shooting in the dark place
– When shooting with a slow shutter speed

• There is no lock sound when the focus is achieved.
• When you press the shutter button all the way down using the

self-timer, the focus is locked.

• Battery consumption may be faster than in any other AF mode.

Digital Zoom

(Smart zoom)


Enlarges the image digitally with almost no distortion. This is
not available when the image size is set to [5M] or [3:2].

• The maximum zoom scale of Smart zoom is shown in the

following table.

(Precision digital zoom)


Enlarges all image sizes up to a maximum of 24×, but the
image quality deteriorates.

Off ( )

Does not use the digital zoom.