Sony DSC-H1 User Manual

Page 94

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Memory Stick locked

Set the write-protect switch on the
“Memory Stick” to the recording
position (page 96).

No memory space in internal
No memory space in Memory Stick

Delete unnecessary images or files (


step 6 in “Read This First”).

Read only memory

Your camera cannot record or delete
images on this “Memory Stick”.

No file

No images have been recorded in the
internal memory.

No file in this folder

No images have been recorded in this

You did not operate correctly when
copying images from your computer
(page 70).

Folder error

A folder with the same first three digit
number already exists on the “Memory
Stick” (For example: 123MSDCF and
123ABCDE). Select other folders, or
create a new folder (page 57).

Cannot create more folders

The folder with a name beginning with
“999” exists on the “Memory Stick”.
You cannot create any folders if this is
the case.

Cannot record

The camera cannot record images in the
selected folder. Select a different folder
(page 58).

File error

An error occurred while playing back
the image.

File protect

Release the protection (page 45).

Image size over

You are playing back an image of a size
that cannot be played back on your

Cannot divide

The movie is not long enough to be
divided (shorter than about two

The file is not a movie.

Invalid operation

You are playing back a file that was
created on equipment other than this

(Vibration warning indicator)

Camera shake may occur due to
insufficient light. Use the flash, turn on
the steady shot function, or mount the
camera on a tripod to secure the camera.

640(Fine) is not available

640(Fine) size movies can be recorded
only using a “Memory Stick PRO”.
Insert a “Memory Stick PRO” or set the
image size to a size other than