AT&T 8110 User Manual

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Mute button

For turning off the microphone associated

(On the 8110 only)

with the handset or the built-in

Message light

A red light that flashes when a message has
been left for you.

Dial pad

The standard 12-button pad for dialing
telephone numbers. The dial pad is also
used with the PROGRAM button to store
numbers on the Programmable Dialing

Handset jack

Speaker button
(On the 8110 only)

Flash button

Program button

For connecting the handset to your

For accessing the built-in speakerphone and
microphone combination.

For using features such as Conference with
business communications systems, and for
custom calling features if you are using your
telephone at home.

For storing telephone numbers on the
programmable dialing buttons on the front of
your telephone.

The SIDE VIEW shows the following features:

Tone Selector
(HI or LO)

Tone Selector

Ringer Volume control

Speaker volume control
(On the 8110 only)

For selecting one of 2 tone ringer
frequencies (high or low).

For selecting one of 2 tone ringer
modulation rates (fast or slow).

A 3-position switch to control the volume for
the tone ringer. Slide it up (away from you)
for a louder ring, down (toward you) for a
quieter ring. The volume control is

Ringer Vol


For raising or lowering the volume of the
built-in speakerphone. The volume control
is labeled

Speakerphone Vol


The BOTTOM VIEW includes the following:

Adjunct power jack (for

For connecting an auxiliary power source for

adjunct equipment)

using adjunct equipment. This jack is

(On the 8102 only)

labeled ADJ PWR. For installation
instructions, see Appendix A.

Line jack

For connecting a line cord to your telephone
This jack is labeled LINE.



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