AT&T 8110 User Manual

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Personalized Ring

The 2 tone controls on the side of the telephone allow you to choose
your own personalized ring pattern. Use to help distinguish your
incoming calls from those of other nearby telephones.

The tone selector labeled HI--LO will help you select one of 2 tone ringer
frequencies. Slide the tone selector to HI for a higher frequency; slide
the tone selector to LO for a lower frequency.

The tone selector labeled FAST--SLOW will help you select one of 2
tone ringer modulation rates. Slide the tone selector to FAST for a faster
modulation rate; slide the tone selector to SLOW for a slower modulation

The 3-position switch on the side of your telephone allows you to control
the volume for the tone ringer.

Slide it up (away from you) for a louder ring.

Slide it down (toward you) for a quieter ring.

Programmable Dialing Buttons

The 12 programmable dialing buttons are provided for one-touch dialing
of frequently dialed telephone numbers. You can also store emergency
numbers, such as 911, and feature access codes on these buttons.

Note: You can program up to 20 elements (digits and characters, such
as a # or * or Pause or Flash) on a programmable dialing button. If the
number you want to store is longer than 20 digits and characters, you
can do one of the following:

Store up to 20 elements on one button; store the remainder of the
elements on a second button. To place a call using these buttons,
press the first button; when all of the elements have been dialed,
press the second button in the sequence.

Store up to 20 elements on one button; dial the remainder of the
elements manually


Programmable Dialing Buttons (cont.)

To program any of the 12 programmable dialing buttons
(while on-hook)


Press the PROGRAM button to enter programming mode

You hear a continuous tone while you are in programming mode


Press programmable dialing button on which you want to store the

Tone is briefly interrupted twice


Dial number you want to program on the button, up to 20 elements
(digits and characters, including Pause and Flash)



The tone reminding you that you are in programming mode is

interrupted each time you press a dial pad key, the PAUSE

button, or [



You hear a rapid error tone if you try to enter more than 20

You can use the PAUSE button to program a .5-second pause
between a dialing access number (such as 9) and the telephone

number, and for certain banking and long-distance services.

For example, dial the access number, 9, press the PAUSE
button, and then the number, such as 1 212 555-1234.)

Note: Several depressions of the PAUSE buttons will produce a

multiple of .5-second pauses. For example, pressing pause 3

times (PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE) produces a combined 1.5-second

Programmable dialing buttons can also be used to program

system features. See your System Administrator for system

feature codes.

To program another programmable dialing button, repeat
Steps 2 and 3

Press the PROGRAM button when you are ready to exit
programming mode


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