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FIGURE 12 Connecting Adjunct Equipment and an Adjunct Power Supply to

an 8102 Telephone


Appendix B

Operation of the 500A Headset Adapter
(with the 8102 Telephone)

If you are using a 500A Headset Adapter with your 8102 telephone, read
the following instructions on using a headset and the headset adapter.
Note that headset operation is essentially the same as handset
operation, except when using the Hold feature.

Answering Calls

When a 500A headset adapter is connected to the Adjunct jack of an
8102 telephone, you may answer calls with either the handset or headset

To answer a call with the headset adapter, press the On/Quiet button.
(The green light next to the button goes on.)

To mute the handset or headset adapter, you must hold down the
On/Quiet button. (The green light next to the button stays on for as long
as the button is held down.) When you want the other party to hear you
again, you can remove your finger from the On/Quiet button. (The light
goes off.)

To end a call, press the Off button on the headset adapter.

Originating Calls

To go off-hook to place a call press the On/Quiet button and dial the
number using the dial pad, [


], or the appropriate programmable

dialing button. [


] works the same with a headset adapter as it would

with a handset.

Putting Calls on Hold

To put a call on hold, press the Hold button on the 8102 telephone.
(Note that the green light next to the On/Quiet button on the headset
adapter remains on, even though the call is on hold.)

To retrieve the call on hold, you must press the Off button, and then
within 2 seconds, press the
On/Quiet button. (The red Hold light on the
8102 telephone goes off.) If you take more than 2 seconds for this
sequence of button presses, the call will be dropped.


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