CatEye CC-MC200W [Micro Wireless] User Manual

Cateye micro wireless, Warning / caution, Wireless sensor

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Before using the computer, please thoroughly read

this manual and keep it for future reference.

Please visit our website, where detailed instruc-
tions with movies are available and the instruction
manual can be downloaded.

Warning / Caution

• Do not concentrate on the computer while riding. Ride safely!
• Install the magnet, sensor, and bracket securely. Check these peri-


• If a child swallows a battery, consult a doctor immediately.
• Do not leave the computer in direct sunlight for a long period of


• Do not disassemble the computer.
• Do not drop the computer to avoid malfunction or damage.
• When using the computer installed on the bracket, change the

MODE by pressing on the four dots below the screen, or by press-

ing on the SSE simultaneously, to start or stop the timer. Pressing

hard on other areas may result in malfunction or damage to the


• Be sure to tighten the dial of the FlexTight™ bracket by hand.

Tightening it strongly using a tool, etc. may damage the screw


• When cleaning the computer, bracket and sensor, do not use thin-

ners, benzene, or alcohol.

• Dispose of used batteries according to local regulations.
• LCD screen may be distorted when viewed through polarized sun-

glass lenses.

Wireless Sensor

The sensor was designed to receive signals within a maximum range

of 70 cm, to reduce chance of interference. When adjusting the wire-

less sensor, note the following:

• Signals cannot be received if the distance between the sensor and

the computer is too large. The receiving distance may be short-

ened due to low temperature and exhausted batteries.

• Signals can be received only when the back of the computer is

facing the sensor.

Interference may occur, resulting in incorrect data, if the computer is:

• Near a TV, PC, radio, motor, or in a car or train.
• Close to a railroad crossing, railway tracks, TV stations and/or ra-

dar base.

• Using with other wireless devices in close proximity.


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