Night Guard Home Surveillance System RSTKE-900 User Manual

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This transmitter uses one (1) 3-volt lithium ion battery (#CR2032)

that is placed with the (+) side facing upward. To replace the battery, you will
need to use a small flat blade screwdriver and a small Philips screwdriver.
Remove the small Philips head screw. Then locate the small notch on the
lower right side of the transmitter case next to the key ring. Using the flat blade
screwdriver, carefully pry the top case from the bottom case. It should snap
apart after breaking the seal. Before removing the battery note the direction of
the positive (+) terminal. Place the new battery in exactly the same manner,
being careful not to bend or damage the contact terminal. Snap the cases
back together and then test the transmitter to insure it arms and disarms the
alarm. Reinstall the Philips screw to finalize the battery replacement.

XT-90S Extended Range Sliding Cover remote

CR2032 3-Volt Battery