Night Guard Home Surveillance System RSTKE-900 User Manual

Page 9

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If any of the following conditions exist while the system is operating, the
engine will not start or will shut down immediately:

1. The hood is opened.
2. The brake pedal is pressed.
3. Engine is over-revved. {“Tachometer checking type” only}
4. The pre-programmed run time (5 /10 / 20 / 30 minutes) has elapsed.

5. Press

button once on the remote transmitter under remote start


6. The optional remote start enable toggle switch is in the OFF position. (If


7. The vehicle refused to start running after {3} unsuccessful attempts.


(Toggle switch If installed)

This feature allows your system’s remote start unit to be temporarily
disabled to prevent the vehicle from being remote started accidentally.
This feature is useful if the vehicle is being serviced or stored in an
enclosed area. To disable the remote start, move the optional remote
start enable toggle switch to the OFF position.


( U.S. ,Continental U.S. and Canada Only)

1. Auto Page, Inc. WARRANTS that this new unit has been thoroughly

inspected and tested at the factory prior to delivery. Your Auto Page
equipment is guaranteed for “life” to the original purchaser/user of the
equipment and the original vehicle in which it was installed by an
authorized installer under the following conditions: If the product proves
defective (according to Auto Page's testing) within the first year, the
defective unit may be exchanged or repaired free of charge. “Proof of
Purchase” (dated sales receipt) must accompany all warranty returns;
otherwise, your return will be rejected and sent back. After one (1)
year, the purchaser should ship the unit prepaid to Auto Page with a
money order in the amount of $30.00 to cover shipping and handling
charges. Note: The product needs to be registered online at time of

2. This WARRANTY will be considered void if the equipment has been

misused, neglected, improperly serviced or installed, altered, dropped
or damaged by water, contrary to the Auto Page OPERATIONS
MANUAL. Or, if used with accessories not approved by Auto Page,
which may have contributed to the defect. See note below regarding
product installation**.