Night Guard Home Surveillance System RSTKE-900 User Manual

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1. Press

button on the transmitter.

2. The horn, if installed will chirp once and parking lights will flash once

indicating that the system is now active. The vehicle doors will lock upon
activating when interfaced with the keyless entry system.


1. Press

button on the transmitter.

2. The horn will chirp twice and parking light will flash twice to indicating

that the keyless system is now unlocked. The vehicle doors will unlock
and dome lights will turn on for 30 seconds.


This feature turns the parking light “ON” for 30 seconds upon an unlock
signal and for 10 seconds upon the lock signal. (Programmable)

TWO STEPS DOOR UNLOCK: (programmable) (optional)

This feature will independently unlock the driver’s door only when

disarming the security system. Pushing the

button a second time

within 3 seconds will unlock the other doors.


The Override function may be used if the remote transmitter is lost or
1. Enter the vehicle and turn the ignition switch to ‘ON’ position.
2. Within 10 seconds push and release the valet switch


The valet switch allows you to temporarily bypass all system function,

eliminating the need to hand your transmitter to parking attendants or
garage mechanics. When the system is in valet mode, and remote
start functions are bypassed, Enter Valet Mode:

1.From the Unlock condition, turn the ignition to “ON” position.
2.Push and hold valet switch for 2 seconds until the LED turns on. The

LED will remain on as long as the system is in ‘valet mode’.

Exit Valet Mode:

1. Return to normal operation, turn ignition ‘on’.

2. Push and hold valet switch for 2 seconds, The LED will turn off

indicating the system has exited the valet mode.