Quest – Sunlight Supply Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro Dehumidifier User Manual

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Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions


2. Check to make sure humidistat is set high enough

3. Safety float switch closed, check pump reservoir

4. Defective compressor capacitor

5. Defective compressor overload

6. Defective compressor

7. Defective control board

8. Low refrigerant charge

Air mover does not run. Compressor runs briefly but cycles on and off.

1. Loose connection in blower circuit

2. Obstruction prevents impeller rotation

3. Defective air mover

4. Defective control board.

Unit removes some water but not as much as expected.
1. Air temperature and/or humidity have dropped
2. Check to make sure humidistat is set high enough
3. Humidity meter and/or thermometer used are out of calibration
4. Unit has entered defrost cycle
5. Air filter dirty
6. Defective defrost thermistor
7. Low refrigerant charge
8. Air leak such as loose front cover
9. Defective compressor

10. Restrictive exhaust or inlet ducting

Unit runs but does not pump water.
1. Hose kinked or plugged
2. Pump motor defective
3. Pump check valve plugged
4. Bad connection in pump circuit
5. Hose disconnected internally
6. Defective control board

Unit pumps water automatically but not when PURGE button is pushed.

1. Bad connection in PURGE button circuit

2. Defective control board