Sunlight Supply Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro Dehumidifier User Manual

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Quest DRY 150

Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions

– Read and Save These Instructions –

This manual is provided to acquaint you with
the dehumidifier so that installation, operation
and maintenance can proceed successfully.
Ultimate satisfaction depends on the quality
of installation and a thorough understanding
of this equipment. The dehumidifier is built
around tested engineering principles and has
passed a thorough inspection for quality of
workmanship and function.

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Phone 608-237-8400

Madison, WI 53704

Toll-Free 1-866-933-7486

– Read and Save These Instructions –






Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro:

• High capacity – 176 pints/day @ AHAM

(22 Gallons)

• Onboard humidistat for continuous humidity control
• High energy efficiency – Requires only 10 Amps of


• Pleated media filter – Standard MERV 11 filtration

reduces dust

• Optional high-efficiency filter – Removes 95% of

one-micron particles

Multiple Ducting Options - 12” inlet, 10” outlet.

• Reservoir pump system – Strong and dependable,

20 ft of lift

• Solid State Controls - Easy to read and operate
• Digital hour meter – Easy to read for more accurate


• 25-ft power cord – No need for extension cords
• 30-ft drain hose – Pump condensate to sinks or drains

Water Removal Rate (Pints/Day)

176 pints

80˚F, 60% (AHAM)