Min-/max-value storage, Serial interface, Operating instructions digital indicator di15 – WIKA DI15 User Manual

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Operating Instructions Digital Indicator DI15



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7. Min-/max-value storage

The device features a minimum/maximum-value storage. In this storage the highest resp. lowest performance
data is saved.

Calling of the minimum-value

press button 3 shortly

the device will display “Lo“ briefly, after that
the min-value is displayed for about 2 sec.

Calling of the maximum-value press button 2 shortly

the device will display “Hi“ briefly, after that
the max-value is displayed for about 2 sec.

Erasing of the min/max values press button 2 and 3 for 2 sec.

The device will display “CLr“ briefly, after
that the min/max-values are set to the cur-
rent displayed value.

8. Serial interface

The device features one



-Interface. You can use the device as a full function



-device. The

serial interface allows the device to communicate with a host computer. Data polling and data transfer is
done in master/slave mode, so the device will only send data on demand. Every device has a unique ID-
number that makes exact identification of each device possible. With the help of a software (like DI15config –
available on request) you are able to reassign an address to the device.

Additional accessories needed for the interface mode:

- Level converter



PC: e.g. EBW1, EBW2

- Software for communication with the device


9-channel-software for displaying a measured value.

EASYCONTROL: multi-channel software for real-time-recording and displaying measure-values of a de-

vice in ACCESS®-database-format.


EASYBUS-developer-package for developing own software. This package features a
universal WINDOWS®-Library with documentation and program-examples. The DLL
can be used in any usual programming language.