Warning, Safety regulations, Operating instructions digital indicator di15 – WIKA DI15 User Manual

Page 3: Skilled personnel

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Operating Instructions Digital Indicator DI15



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1. Safety regulations

This device was designed and tested considering the Safety regulations for electronic measuring devices.

Faultless operation and reliability in operation of the measuring device can only be assured if the General
Safety Measures and the devices specific safety regulation mentioned in this users manual are considered.

1. Faultless operation and reliability in operation of the measuring device can only be assured if the device

is used within the climatic conditions specified in the chapter “Specifications“

2. Always disconnect the device from its supply before opening it. Take care that nobody can touch any of

the unit‘s contacts after installing the device.

3. Standard regulations for operation and safety for electrical, light and heavy current equipment have to be

observed, with particular attention paid to the national safety regulations (e.g. VDE 0100).

4. When connecting the device to other devices (e.g. the PC) the interconnection has to be designed most

thoroughly, as internal connections in third-party devices (e.g. connection of ground with protective earth)
may lead to undesired voltage potentials.

5. The device must be switched off and must be marked against using again, in case of obvious malfunc-

tions of the device which are e.g.:





no prescripted working of the device.


storing the device under inappropriate conditions for longer time.

When not sure, the device should be sent to the manufacturer for repairing or servicing.

WARNING: When running electric devices, parts of them will always be electrically
live. Unless the warnings are observed serious personal injuries or damage to prop-
erty may result. Skilled personnel only should be allowed to work with this device. For
trouble-free and safe operation of the device please ensure professional transport,
storage, installation and connection as well as proper operation and maintenance.


Are persons familiar with installation, connection, commissioning and operation of the product and have pro-
fessional qualification relating to their job.

For example:

• Training or instruction resp. qualifications to switch on or off, isolate, ground and mark electric circuits and

devices or systems.

• Training or instruction according to the state.

• First-aid training.


Do NOT use this product as safety or emergency stopping device, or in any other application
where failure of the product could result in personal injury or material damage.

Failure to comply with these instructions could result in death or serious injury and material