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Operating Instructions Digital Indicator DI15



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2. Introduction

The DI15 is a microprocessor controlled displaying, monitoring and controlling

It is equipped with one multi-function input for the connection of:

- Standard transmitter signals (0 ... 20mA, 4 ... 20mA, 0 ... 50mV, 0 ... 1V,

0 ... 2V and 0 ... 10V )

- RTDs (Pt100 and Pt1000),
- Thermocouples (type K, J, N, T and S)
- Frequency (TTL and switching contact)

As well as rotation measuring, counting, etc. ...

The device features two switching outputs, which can be configured as
2-point-controller, 3-point-controller, 2-point-controller with min./max. alarm,
common or individual min./max. alarm.

The state of the switching outputs is displayed with two LED’s below the front 4-digit LED-display.

The left LED displays the state of the 1st output, the right LED displays the state of the 2nd output.

Hint: In order to avoid undefined input states and unwanted or wrong switching processes, we sug-

gest to connect the device’s switching outputs after you have configured the device properly.

Product Label

For configuring the DI15 please proceed as follows:

- Disassemble the red front plate (see sketch).

- Connect the device to its supply

(see chapter 3 ‘Electric connection‘).

- Switch on the supply voltage and wait until the device completed its

built-in segment test .

- Adjust the device to the input required. Follow the instructions in
chapter 4 ‘Input configuration‘

- Follow the instructions given in chapter 5 ‘Output and alarm

configuration‘ to configure the outputs of the DI15.

- Switch off the power supply.

- Reassemble the red front plate.

- Connect the device properly (see chapter 3 'Electric connection‘)


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